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My life has always been a crazy one till I came to William's Place. I was 13 years old when I fell in love with drugs. At 28 years old William's Place helped me find a new love that I have NEVER known. The word love was evil to me. I now know that God's love is so beautiful. It's a new life I have learned that involves God in my day to day walk. I walked in broken, lost, looking for something other then a long neck bottle and a needle. Walked out a new man. Believer, found, and redeemed.

-Former Resident Group 3 

When I told my daughter that I was volunteering for William’s Place, she laughed and said that I didn't know anything about working with addiction. However, I do know that it is healthy to be outside, to walk in the woods getting exercise, but mostly to be talking and getting to know good people. These guys are the good people! I hope someone is keeping track of their stories because the trials could fill a book. While hiking, the relationships and conversations flow naturally – just a simple chat – but I've learned so much from them and come to deeply appreciate their struggles. It has been amazing to me to see how well they've done. Nobody wants to have their life controlled by addiction. I've learned that this could so easily be me – this could be any of us.

-Tricia, Volunteer

I‘ve spent a good bit of time around the recovery community and different programs that help those in addiction.  This type of residential men’s recovery home was not even on my radar.  Many addicts are understandably resistant to religion. I think this program is different and successful for two major reasons.  First, by introducing these men to a Christian faith in a way in which they felt accepted, validated, and attracted to the Gospel, which they had never experienced before.  The people of the faith community were so encouraging, supportive and welcoming along the way.  Second, by living together among a small group of men with a house manager, going through the daily ups and downs, but doing it together, made a huge difference.  All the while, volunteers were flowing in and out, literally showing them how to live life and live faith.  There is certainly something to be learned from how this process works, and maybe it will offer a new direction for how we deal with this in society moving forward.

-Jason, Volunteer

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