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Thank you for making your reservation!

We look forward to seeing you on October 28th! Your receipt will be emailed to you along with information for the event. No physical ticket is needed, just come at 6:00pm (Dinner served at 6:30). 

Directions to Crestridge Camp Dining Hall:

Going east on I-40, take exit 66 and turn left off the ramp onto Dunsmore. Turn right at the stop sign onto Old 70 East. Turn left near the Ridgecrest Conference Center entrance, but do NOT enter the Conference Center, rather you will turn left onto Tupper Rd and go up the hill towards Crestridge. Follow signs to Crestridge. Keep Right onto Reservoir Rd, then keep left onto Balsam Rd. Keep left at the square brown Camp Crestridge sign (your GPS may call this Happiness Trail). Proceed through the wooden gate and follow signs and instructions to the Parking lot.

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