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Hope . Restoration . Life


William’s Place provides the opportunity to connect with a licensed counselor who will help our residents work through history and underlying mental health issues that have contributed to and sustained patterns of addiction. Residents will participate in individual therapy twice a week and group therapy three days a week.



Many who struggle with addiction feel distanced from God and they don’t know how to connect. We are building inside-out Christianity based on a loving God’s sacrifice that atones for our sins and leads us to live a life of service. The result is an unbelievable gratefulness for His gift. Residents participate in daily devotions, Celebrate Recovery, weekly Bible study and discussions, and attend Sunday services together in the community.



People need to have fun. Real fun. Addicts and alcoholics have built their lives around meeting this need through substance use. At William’s Place, we focus on learning to have fun in nature’s playground: our backyard. Saturdays are our day for adventure. Residents will spend the day in such activities as hiking, canoeing, bouldering, or working with horses. We also hike as a group once during the week, weather permitting.


Life Skills & Volunteering

Addiction often interrupts the process of developing and honing life skills. While at William's Place our residents participate in life skills classes that focus on budgeting and credit, and they have the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills in addition to the importance of sharing a meal and living in community.

Volunteering allows our residents to give back to the community that gives so much to us, and we incorporate volunteering into our weekly schedule. 


We all need to fit in and feel we have purpose. Work helps us to do so while focusing on something outside ourselves and how we feel. Residents work two days a week and all monies earned are retained so our graduates can fund the beginning of a new life.

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